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  • All is Well

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Be the Voice

  • Curing Destination Disease

  • Creating your own Happily Ever After

  • Crucible Transformations

  • Defining your Legacy

  • Developing Brand Me: Reinventing Yourself for Professional Significance

  • Dwell in Possibility

  • Embracing our Shared Values in a Sea of Transition

  • Go! Have an Adventure

  • Influencing the Hinges of Destiny

  • In the Blink of an Eye

  • It's Time out for Business as Usual

  • It's up to You

  • For Such a Time as This

  • Nothing to Fear

  • Own the Largest Room

  • Realizing Strength in Diversity

  • Take the Limits Off

  • Tenacity's Rewards

  • The Beautiful Struggle

  • The Journey of 1000 Miles

  • The Power of One

  • The Ultimate Final Exam

  • Unprecedented Flight Conditions

  • Wei Chi

  • Why Not Me?

  • Your Exquisite Journey

The Buzz

"Dr. Kenya Ayers delivered an inspiring address to our science majors. Of course the feedback that we received from our students was overwhelming! Many were ready to transfer... just so that she could be a mentor to them. What is particularly most striking about the motivational address that Dr. Ayers delivered was that even our members of faculty were profoundly inspired by her address. We still make reference to the quotes and metaphors that she used. “…everyone does not deserve to be in the first class cabin of your life…” Dr. Ayers was on the campus of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore for only one day. But, the impact of her message has continued to permeate our culture each day since."


- Dr. Kelly Mack - formerly with the Dept. of Natural Sciences/Biology
University of Maryland Eastern Shore; now Vice President for Undergraduate STEM Education and Executive Director of Project Kaleidoscope at the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U)

"I was truly moved by your speech, 'Unprecedented Flight Conditions'. There were so many points that pricked my heart and touched my spirit and really forced me to be honest with myself regarding my destiny and my responsibility to use the gifts and dreams the Lord has given me.

Inspiring people to fly is a gift and a calling. Though having this gift is not easy by any means, you are using your gift with such humbleness and elegance. You were gracious yet sure of your purpose and confident in the truth and relevance of your message.

I am sure that many have shared with you the positive influence you've had on their lives, and I would like to just add my voice to that multitude. Your life and your spirit let others know it's OK to be strong in your destined purpose and to know that you have something special others are in need of and so with all of your being, you must 'fly to their aid'."

- Tiffany Purnell

Testimonal for Dr. Kenya F. Ayers Motivational Speaker
Areas of Leadership Consultation


  • Collective Impact System Development

  • Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 for Leaders/Teams

  • Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Development

  • Executive Leadership Coaching/Enhancement

  • Infrastructure Development/Assesment/Redesign

  • Leadership Alignment

  • Leading in V.U.C.A* Contexts

  • Non-profit board development

  • Strategic Organizational Positioning

  • Other topics upon request

*Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous

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